Obituary: Clark Howat (1918-2009)

January 15, 2010

The Screen Actors Guild has confirmed the death of actor Clark Howat on October 30 of last year.

Howat, who was born on January 22, 1918, was one of television’s most reliable small-part actors.  Tall and authoritative in his demeanor, Howat usually played doctors, politicians, military men, suburban dads, and of course cops.  TV fans will probably remember him best as a late member of the “Jack Webb Stock Company.”  Howat made more than a dozen appearances on the sixties revival of Dragnet, always as one of the commanding officers of the various LAPD divisions to which Sgt. Friday was assigned.

Howat was also an occasional writer, with at least one episode of The Detectives to his credit.  According to internet sources, Howat was the story editor on Hot Wheels (1969-1971), a cartoon based on the popular Mattel toys.

The image above comes from “Emergency Only,” a 1959 episode of One Step Beyond in which Howat has an atypically large role.  Howat is on the left, Lin McCarthy on the right.


In case anyone’s keeping track – yes, posting here has been a bit light of late.  Just before I learned of Clark Howat’s death, I was about to put up the fishin’-hole still from The Andy Griffith Show again.  (That’s the graphic which signifies that I’m on vacation, for those of you who have not been keeping track.)  Rest assured, though, that momentum is not being lost, and that within a few weeks you’ll start to see some of the great content that’s in the works for 2010.

4 Responses to “Obituary: Clark Howat (1918-2009)”

  1. byron howat Says:

    Having just seen the movie “Suddenly” with Frank Sinatra and Sterling Haydn, I was surprised to see Clark Howat listed among the credits! … This is the first time I have ever noticed an actor with the surname “Howat” spelled exactly that way.
    This doesn’t say much for my powers of observation — as there may well be other HOWAT’s who are screen, television or even stage actors!
    My father Manuel Howat (1895-1981) was born in Glasgow Scotland as was his father William and (I believe) his grandfather John, too, but I know very little about the ancestry beyond that. The name Howat is listed in some sources as a “Sept” of the MacDonald of the Isles clan, though there are some Howat’s in Scotland who believe there are roots in France! /dbh

  2. Jim Says:

    He was a great actor!

  3. Marilyn LeVeque Says:

    Wonderful man and loved his strong and calm demeanor…on screen and off.

  4. Genia Stephenson Says:

    Clark Howat was one of my favorite character actors. He did a good job in every acting role.

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