Introducing the McGarrett Facepalm (TM)

April 17, 2010

Today I’m pleased to introduce the McGarrett Facepalm™, this blog’s long-overdue symbol for those forehead-smackingly egregious clusterfucks that occasionally invade Classic TV History Land. 

In case you hadn’t noticed already, that’s the McGarrett Facepalm™ right there at the top of this post.  Please feel free to copy and redistribute the McGarrett Facepalm™ until it becomes a “meme.” At least, I think that’s what the kids call those things.

Some of you who know me personally may have noticed that my Hotmail and Facebook accounts were compromised a few days ago. Unbelievably, this mess is still being untangled. Hence the inaugural McGarrett Facepalm™.

If anyone has tried and failed to contact me this week, you can reach me via the e-mail address for the main Classic TV History website. Which is: stephen [at] classictvhistory [dot] com.  There’s also a direct e-mail link at the bottom of almost every page on the site, including this one, if that’s easier.

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Tune in on Monday for a new piece that I have provocatively titled . . . “Sixty-Nine.”


2 Responses to “Introducing the McGarrett Facepalm (TM)”

  1. Donna Lethal Says:

    You know I love him …

  2. Stephen Bowie Says:

    And we still need him, as the whole general facepalminess of my life these days continues unabated!

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