Not a Fan

April 21, 2011

“The motherfuckin’ TV blasts all day.  I hear those guys all day long takin’ votes about what to watch – it takes five or ten minutes – some fool reads the whole TV Guide hourly, loud as he can, then they vote on each idiotic show.  Insane.  The Boob Tube.”

                                         – Death Row inmate Gary Gilmore, October 22, 1976


One Response to “Not a Fan”

  1. mike Rice Says:

    If you spend ten minutes voting on a trivial TV show, you miss nearly half of the 21 minute tops, show! TV and the rise of advertising and PR that preceded it has been the ruin of the West, particularly to the US, which harnessed the medium most tragically. What was once a fairly realistic landscape is now a hopelessly lost, horrific dream scape. Today I saw this headline with a serious story beneath it: After birthers demand authentication of Obama’s Placenta!

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