Great Character Actors of Today #2

June 8, 2011

Name: Michael Paul Chan.

Not Charlie, But …: Chan hit a recent career peak on The Closer, as part of what may be TV’s best-ever character-actor cop ensemble.  (Sorry, Hill Street.)  He plays the only guy on the squad who understands computers, and he gets endless mileage out of his primary prop, the glasses perched on his shaved head.  Chan is one of those actors who can’t play dumb; he exudes intelligence and confidence and he’ll take over a scene anytime the director lets him.  He can do Chinese and Chinese-American stereotypes on cue but, like the great James Hong, Chan is adept at undermining them with humor.

First Noticed In: The Wonder Years.  Chan cracked me up as the pidgin-English-speaking nightmare boss when Kevin took a crummy Chinese restaurant job.

His Best Patron: Michael Mann.  Small roles in Thief and The Insider built to a great supporting role on Mann’s cop opus redux, Robbery Homicide Division.  Counterbalanced by the great, hounddog-faced Barry Shabaka Henley, Chan’s fast-talking RHD detective was a first draft of his Closer character.

Obligatory Age/Race-Related Stereotype: Turns out Chan is over 60 (past retirement age for cops!), and has been doing bit parts since the days of Police Woman and Baretta.  Tell me the man can’t pass for 45.

What Now: He’s plateaued as a team player.  Somebody write a leading role for Chan, a meaty, fully-rounded part that digs beneath the surface of his trademark sharp-edged cynicism.

Read More About It: Here’s a brief interview with Chan.

One Response to “Great Character Actors of Today #2”

  1. Mike Cline Says:

    Love him on THE CLOSER…

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