June 21, 2011

Like Warren Oates on The Outer Limits, I’ve been having a bit of a problem with my eyes lately.

My prognosis is better than Warren’s turned out to be.  However, my recreational viewing came to an abrupt halt about three weeks ago, and that hiatus will probably continue for a while longer.

I hate blogger sob stories, but I want to offer this as a partial explanation as to why a particular type of piece I often undertake – the kind of bread-and-butter criticism whereby I watch some TV series or episode for the first time and offer some reactions to it – has been missing in action lately.  It occurred to me that some regulars here might notice that I’m not actually writing much about old television at the moment and suspect mission drift or television fatigue.  Alas, the actual reason is more prosaic.  I’ll still be publishing aplenty, but I’m not happy about the balance of content at the moment, and that will probably remain a bit out of whack for another couple of months or so.

And, er, if you’ve sent me a review copy of something, it’ll take even longer than it usually does for me to get to it.  As Warren Oates might have said, “Sorry.”

Carry on with your watching.


2 Responses to “B.E.M.”

  1. bobby J. Says:

    Well, I do hope your recover fast and heartily Stephen. I feel your pain, had all kinds of aches, pains, eye strain all of last year. But I’ve recently made major changes after reading two stupendously good books, the type I’ve waited my whole adult life to appear, I’ve shed pounds, boosted my vibrancy and energy and made me feel 18 again! Every aspect of my health has improved. I’d mention the books, but that would make me feel like a spammer.

    Here is the article from two and half years ago that changed everything.


    The only thing missing from your site, which I consider the premier television site, is a forum where discussions can be had, comments posted, dvds reviewed, shows discussed.

    Anyway, hope you get better soon.

  2. Stephen Bowie Says:

    A forum would be nice, wouldn’t it? Maybe the Huffington Post will buy my blog for a fortune and set me up with a nice salary to administer a TV forum, full-time. Or … is that not how it works in real life?

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