July 3, 2012

As you already know if you’ve been a longtime reader here, Andy Griffith (or Andy Taylor) was something of a surrogate father for me, and for many North Carolinians of my age.  Even for those of us lucky to have great dads already.

We’ll be flying the flag at half mast here at the Classic TV History Blog for a little while.  Regular programming is cancelled until further notice.

8 Responses to “Andy”

  1. […] He passed away early this morning. (Like me, Stephen Bowie, another North Carolinian, is similarly shaken […]

  2. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    Andy Griffith was one of those people who was just the perfect TV star, someone you always felt comfortable with, someone who felt like a friend, yet was sly and unpredictable enough to never get boring. He was someone you wanted to welcome into your home once a week, if not more often.

    There haven’t been a whole lot of people like that, people who effortlessly moved from one series to another. James Garner, Mary Tyler Moore… who else?

  3. Larry Granberry Says:

    The end of an era.

  4. Stephen Bowie Says:

    And for what it’s worth, WordPress tells me this is my 250th post.

  5. And that opening of The Andy Griffith Show was filmed at Franklin Canyon, Los Angeles – the very same lake where the Creature from the Black Lagoon came out of, and Rat Patrol was filmed, among many other things.

  6. Neville Ross Says:

    Al of this makes me also remember a certain SCTV sketch from the early 1980’s:

  7. iPadCary Says:

    I had Z-E-R-O idea Andy had passed away ….
    To say “The End Of An Era” is a GROSS understatement.
    The man EXEMPLIFIES pure class, dignity & homespun wholesomeness — which is a TON of the reason why “The Andy Griffith Show” amd “Mayberry RFD” are both so adored & revered as they are ….

    Rest peacefully, Andy ….

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