Great Character Actors of Today #12

September 19, 2012

Name: Glenn Morshower.

Persona: A solidly-built Texan whose slight but slow drawl has typed him in military and rural cop roles.  Morshower: “The only people who have done more military roles than me — what they all have in common? They are dead.”

Overlap: For a four-month period in 2001, Morshower was recurring on C.S.I. (as a sheriff), The West Wing (as a presidential adviser), and 24 (as a secret service agent).  A self-proclaimed “dialectician,” Morshower affected a slightly different accent for each show.

Career-Defining Role: Along with the equally sublime Mary-Lynn Rajskub (Chloe, the goofy IT whiz) and Jude Ciccolella (the nefarious, Dick Cheney-ish Beltway dealmaker), Morshower was one of the long-term 24 background players who brought some humanity to a show that dispatched its heroes and villains with a cold-blooded consistency.

Payoff: Morshower enjoyed a beautiful climactic arc on 24 – a forbidden and mostly unspoken attraction to a fragile first lady (Jean Smart) – which was perfect material for his understated style.

Also Recurring On: JAG, Friday Night Lights, the new Dallas, and the Transformers movies.

Goes Back As Far As: The Dukes of Hazzard, in 1980.  Somebody else can dig up those clips.

He’s Also a Motivational Speaker: … but let’s not hold that against him.

4 Responses to “Great Character Actors of Today #12”

  1. James Smith Says:

    DAMMIT!!! As a regular reader of your (always fascinating) blog, I have been waiting to see a post about someone I have met [as a regular attender at UK signing events, it had to happen eventually…]

    Glenn is a class act in real life too, much how you would expect him to be I think (modest and not carrying a big ego). I think if I remember right he was the only person apart from Keifer to appear in every series of 24 – too right too!

  2. Stephen Bowie Says:

    We call ’em seasons over here, but yes, I believe that’s correct. I always thought Ciccolella’s character should’ve returned for the finale. They underestimated his value.

  3. Dack Says:

    “the equally Mary-Lynn Rajskub”

    Am I missing an adjective here?

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