Politics, Because You Love Them So

September 30, 2012

Nope, politics and old TV shows have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with one another….


5 Responses to “Politics, Because You Love Them So”

  1. G.Booker Says:

    Need a picture of Obama as Jimmie J.J. Walker and Biden as the Cesar Romero Joker titled Dy-no-mite and Shit his pants giggles.

  2. G.Booker Says:

    Come on Stephen, live on the edge, the IRS can’t do nothing to you! Need a picture of Obama as Weird Harold from Fat Albert and Biden as Scooby-Dum.

  3. G.Booker Says:

    Sorry Stephen. After checking out your bio, I can understand your proclivity to be poking fun at the GOP ticket.

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