Side by Side by Simon

October 16, 2012

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Has there ever been a more mediocre show with a cooler theme song than Simon & Simon?


9 Responses to “Side by Side by Simon”

  1. Marty McKee Says:


  2. Mike from Jersey Says:

    You wrote,
    “Has there ever been a more mediocre show with a cooler theme song than Simon & Simon?”.
    I agree, I like’d both of them, the season one version is lesser known though.
    For my five cents worth, when I was a little kid we thought the theme from Jonny Quest was pretty spiffy, and as an adult I think both the theme music and the show’s use of music in general is impressive.

    • Marty McKee Says:

      But JONNY QUEST is a great show.

    • Mike from Jersey Says:

      Marty McKee Says:
      “But JONNY QUEST is a great show”.

      Marty, I stand corrected, I wasnt properly following Stephen’s thread. I don’t want to go on a tangent, but one question has been bothering me for about 45 years,I figure the tv mavens here may know, and that is, can anyone tell me the brand of sneaker that was tied into the Quest show, it had a red dot on the heel and I begged my parents to get me a pair, just like Jonny had in the commercials.
      I have asked other people, some recall the red dot but not the brand.
      Mea culpa Stephen for this distraction, but “I gots to know”, as they said in Dirty Harry.

  3. Mark Speck Says:

    I always preferred the mariachi theme from the first season…the end them of the first season was a vocal version sung by the Younger Brothers (or was it the Thrasher Brothers?)…whatever their name was, they were signed to MCA’s Nashville division at the time, which got them the gig. This theme is OK…I wonder why so many Universal shows changed their theme music after one season (i.e., Switch, Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon)?

  4. blog_dahlia Says:

    Nanny and the Professor, Trapper John, M.D., Angie, Sierra . . .

    • As kids, we really liked the themes from 2 crummy one year wonders “It’s About Time” and “Mr. Terrific”, in fact “Time” became a staple for years with altered dirty lyrics, gleefully sung when no parents were lurking.

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