Back Soon….

October 31, 2012

…. uh, maybe.


5 Responses to “Back Soon….”

  1. Says:

    I am looking for information on a 1973 program called Banacek, the episode is called season 1, episode 7 called the Greatest Collection of Them All. I really want to know what happened to the pictures? How did they disappear off the truck? Thank you.

    • Stephen Bowie Says:

      Let me get right on that for you, just as soon as I have things like electricity, cel reception, flashlight batteries, and hot water.

  2. Larry Granberry Says:

    Hopefully you and Bethel Leslie will ride out the storm together.

  3. James Smith Says:

    Hope everyone made it out the other end of the storm ok, and good to see you back up and posting. Now – if only CBS/Paramount would get round to releasing Seasons 2 to 4 of The Fugitive over here in the UK, along with SOSF and the other QM productions which they appear to be finally rolling out over there in the US… I would have picked up a few when I was on Route 66 in October if it wasn’t for all the souvenirs haha… Keep up the good blog work!

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