Great Character Actors of Today #13

December 28, 2012


Name: Reg E. Cathey.

Trademark: Wry, sardonic delivery.  Although he bears a slight resemblance to Morgan Freeman (recently he reprised Freeman’s role in a stage version of The Shawshank Redemption), Cathey’s rich voice steers him away from Freemanesque authority figure characters and toward skeptical outsider/observer types.

Most Famous For: Supporting roles in The Corner, Oz, and especially The Wire, in which Cathey played seen-it-all political operative Norman Wilson, who counsels the underdog white mayoral candidate Tommy Carcetti (Aidan Gillen).

Recent Work: Funny as a talk show host on 30 Rock, scary as a crooked cop on Person of Interest, and having the time of his life as a Don King-styled boxing promoter in Lights Out (“Ah, the the-a-tuh,” he intones while watching a dirty fight).

Banal, TV-related EPK trivia: Cathey grew up watching Bonanza dubbed in German (check out his German Hoss impersonation).

Banal, TV-related IMDb trivia: Cathey’s early, late-80s bit parts include the final feature films by two major directors of the live-TV generation, George Roy Hill (Funny Farm, 1988) and Arthur Penn (Penn & Teller Get Killed, 1989).


2 Responses to “Great Character Actors of Today #13”

  1. dgmalcolm Says:

    Would say that Reg E. is more of a cross between Freeman and Lou Gossett, Jr. Extremely versatile actor…good choice!

  2. Neville Ross Says:

    He also played Dr. Franklin Storm in the unjustly maligned (IMHO) 2015 movie adaptation of The Fantastic Four.

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