Who Are Those Guys #8

June 23, 2013

Let us speak now of the Universal Show Reporter Scene.

Here’s a stock scene you’ve watched a thousand times: A big muckety-muck of some sort, usually the toplining guest star of the week, makes a big entrance by, well, making an entrance. Surrounded by an entourage, he or she pushes through a throng of reporters, stopping long enough to field exactly the questions needed to set up the plot.

Of course, lots of shows did versions of this scene, but I seem to associate them mostly with Universal series of the late sixties and early seventies: The Name of the Game, The Bold Ones, Columbo. Apart from the expository value, the reporter scene was a chance to toss a paycheck to a few actors who could use the bread, or a timely credit to continue their insurance eligibility through the Screen Actors Guild. Heck, Regis J. Cordic and Stuart Nisbet probably made half their annual income thrusting plastic microphones into the stars’ faces in those days.

The catch, of course, was that if an episode had a big cast, these one-line pseudo-journalists were the first ones lopped off the end credit roll. This weekend, for instance, I watched the TV movies that launched The Six Million Dollar Man. In the third one, “The Solid Gold Kidnapping,” government official Leif Erickson gets quizzed by a pair of sweaty-looking newshounds, both played by uncredited actors. Recognize either of them? (In the first image, only the fellow on the right has a speaking part; the other guy is an extra.)



I’m pretty sure the first actor is Stacy Keach, Sr., but I’d like to hear that one seconded (or not). And I have no idea about portly Reporter #2.

And one more or the road: Here’s a frame from an early episode of Laramie, “The Star Trail.” This older gent on the horse has one moving and fairly lengthy scene, playing the father of a baddie (William Bryant) that guest star Lloyd Nolan has just gunned down. But he, along with several other actors (including the reliable Oliver McGowan, playing a bank president) didn’t make the credits. Anyone recognize him?



14 Responses to “Who Are Those Guys #8”

  1. Russell Mariacher Says:

    The man in the second picture looks like Carmine Caridi.

  2. That guy on the LARAMIE horse looks an awful lot like Tom Tully.

  3. John Nelson Says:

    I would confirm the balding reporter as Stacy Keach Sr.

    In regards to the older gentleman on horseback, it looks like character actor Robert Burton to me, though it would be easier to tell for sure without the hat.

    I don’t really recognize the other two guys…

    John Nelson

  4. stuartgalbraithiv Says:

    of the bottom pic, an older Tom Kennedy, perhaps?


  5. Stephen Bowie Says:

    It’s not Tom Tully (trust me, I would’ve recognized that voice). He does resemble both Burton and Kennedy. I’ll have to try to find some film on them from around that time for comparison. Thanks, guys!

  6. John Nelson Says:

    In regards to the possibility of the bottom pic being Tom Kennedy, by this time he was doing mostly silent bit parts and probably couldn’t even have gotten on the horse ! There is a resemblance though, I still think it’s Robert Burton…

  7. don meyer Says:

    Could the man in the first picture on the left be Joel Fabiani?

  8. Jeff Martin Says:

    Actually, I’m pretty sure Regis J. Cordic made most of his money in those days as the host of the Sunday matinee movie on WTAE in Pittsburgh. They had the old Paramount library; he introduced me to the Marx Brothers and Maurice Chevalier.

  9. Bob G Says:

    I have been watching Season 6 of the RAWHIDE TV series and Tom Kennedy can be seen in every episode where they go into some town. Non-speaking roles as storekeepers or townsmen. They do give him a closeup reaction shot sometimes.

    • John Nelson Says:

      Kennedy also did many Gunsmoke episodes in the same way around the same time
      … but I still feel the man on the horse is Robert Burton…

  10. Bob G Says:

    John, I agree and believe you are right about that being Robert Burton.

  11. Don H. Says:

    The man in the first photo on the left (next to Stacy Keach Sr.) is, I believe, Walter Friedel.

    Pic of Walter Friedel in the “Run For Your Life” episode, “The Girl Next Door Is A Spy.”

    That photo appears at the end of this page:

    Pic of Walter Friedel in the “Search” episode, “Let Us Prey,” which also guest starred Diana Hyland who appeared in the “Run For Your Life” episode mentioned above.

  12. Steve Z. Says:

    Could the portly reporter be character actor Harvey Lembeck?

  13. Mark Says:

    Late to the party here…but anonymous reporter in photo two sure resembles Howard Witt, at least to me. Witt played the incumbent city councilman that Arthur “Big Guy” Carlson ran against in a decent second season episode.

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