Who Are Those Guys #9

July 12, 2013

You all did so well on the last one – let’s cue up another round of unbilled bit players!

Aaron Spelling’s Vega$ is a frustrating show in this regard.  Every episode is top-heavy with name actors, many of them just popping in for cameos.  It’s a Spelling formula that dates back to Burke’s Law, but here it’s coupled with an inattentiveness for the lesser-known bit players that almost seems status-based — as if giving those peons billing would somehow diminish the celebs who adorned the opening titles.

Here are two uncredited actors who appear in the 1978 pilot (written by Michael Mann, but not so’s you’d know).  The first is – well, as in many a Spelling script, it’s not entirely clear who the fellow with the large pouf of gray hair is, but he turns up in one early scene to deliver some exposition to Robert Urich.  The second (on the far left) is a state trooper who has some bad news about Urich’s car.  This is the best look you get at him.



The series was shot entirely in Las Vegas, so it’s possible these guys are local actors who didn’t do much else on film. But they look awfully familiar, so let’s give this a whirl.

4 Responses to “Who Are Those Guys #9”

  1. 238neil Says:

    The pouf-haired guy in Vegas may be Al Scaglione, who played Mitch the Pit Boss in a few episodes. He later became a self-help author. For comparison, you can see him in his author role on YouTube; just search on his name.

  2. 238neil Says:

    I think the cop is Chuck Hicks, a stunt man who like many others did bit parts here and there. He’s about Urich’s size in the frame grab (6’2″ if you believe the IMDB) and may have been doubling for Urich and thus already on location.

    He has a substantial bit part in a 7th season Mission: Impossible episode called “Kidnap.” He plays a vault guard, starting about 13 minutes in.

    But I don’t have access to the Vega$ pilot so I have no idea how the cop moves or sounds.

    I realize you’re working on more substantial things, but I can’t carry this any further.

    Good luck.
    Arthur Tashiro

  3. Arrica Rose Says:

    Yes! The first guy with the gray pouf is definitely Al Scaglione or he also worked under A.J. Stephans as well. He is my father and as a very small child I spent some days on that set.

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