Who Are Those Guys #10

September 5, 2013

I promised I’d be back with more Ben Casey coverage after a few detours.  First up, then, is your Ben Casey edition of Who Are Those Guys, highlighting some uncredited bit players I noticed in the episodes I revisited for my A.V. Club piece on the show and this thing about Vince Edwards.

“A Bird in the Solitude Singing” (September 21, 1964), the amazing episode with Anne Francis as the disfigured hooker, covers most of the cast in its credits.  But here’s one familiar-looking fellow who puts in a brief appearance, sans credit, as a barfly who gives Dr. Casey the evil eye after Casey cockblocks his move on the lovely Anne.


Next we have “Three L’il Lambs” (March 29, 1965), the possibly-a-backdoor-pilot-but-I’m-not-completely-sure-about-that episode where Casey shepherds a trio of green interns.  There’s a long nightclub scene where the three lads squire their dates: Norman Alden gets Kathy Kersh (lucky guy), William Arvin (whatever happened to him?) lands Marlo Thomas (er…), and somehow Nick Adams (on the left below) ends up with only a bit actress who has one line.


I didn’t have room to wedge “Journeys End in Lovers Meeting” (April 19, 1965) into the A.V. Club article, but this episode by one of the show’s few female writers, Pat Fielder, is a wonderfully operatic tearjerker with Red Buttons as a nice teacher whose young wife (Antoinette Bower) suffers horribly from a fatal brain tumor.  Here are a couple of students in Buttons’s class.  They even get names: the smirky guy is “Buddy” and the girl with the massive beehive (hornet’s nest? wedding cake? roll of fencewire borrowed from the western on the next soundstage? I could do this all day) is “Karen.”  But no love for either in the end credits, alas.  Karen in particular looks maddeningly familiar.


Finally, here’s a shot from Vince-as-director’s biggest turkey, “Run For Your Lives, Dr. Galanos Practices Here” (October 4, 1965). (Great title, at least.)  This guy in the center is a patient who, like so many of us, is not happy about missing his favorite program because the hospital’s TV room has been taken over by Latin American revolutionaries.  The other two old guys on either side of him are extras who do not have lines, although I’m fairly certain that the gent on the left is Charles P. Thompson of The Andy Griffith Show fame.


All right, you know the drill.  Tell me who these people are, please.

14 Responses to “Who Are Those Guys #10”

  1. Larry Granberry Says:

    I could be completely wrong, but the girl with the massive beehive looks like Julie Sommars. I would be more certain if I could hear an audio clip to make sure it’s her.

  2. John Nelson Says:

    I think there is a good chance that the barfly is James Jeter. This would be a role typical for him, though it would be very early in his career. The old man in the center of the three-shot is Charles Wagenheim, no question. The older man on the left does look a little like Charles P. Thompson, however Wagenheim was short and Thompson was tall and yet it doesn’t appear that the older man is considerably taller than Wagenheim. I’d have to see a better shot of the older man (or here him speak) to verify. Thompson was working a lot during this period, so if the part has no lines, I’d say it wasn’t Thompson. I don’t know the man on the right. By the way, I don’t think the girl referenced in the first comment is Julie Sommars, the eyes don’t seem right to me…

    • Stephen Bowie Says:

      Wagenheim! Somehow not among the faces in my own personal databanks but, yes, that makes perfect sense. He’d done at least one bit part on Ben Casey prior to that. As for Thompson (or “Thompson”), he has no lines, so we have only the visage to go by.

      As for the girl with the Marge Simpson haircut, the name that popped into my head while I was writing this up is: Pamela McMyler. I always think of her as a late-60s ingenue, but she was in fact doing TV by 1964. What do we think?

  3. Marty McKee Says:

    Yes, the first guy is definitely James Jeter. The girl…I don’t think it’s Sommars, but I’m not betting on it.

  4. Stephen Bowie Says:

    James Jeter … huh, I had to look him up; he was in everything, it seems, but not really familiar to me. This would’ve been his television debut, possibly, so I guess that’s a find!

  5. Rob Sinclair Says:

    Charles Wagenheim was a longstanding bit player on Gunsmoke playing a townsman named Halligan. Wagenheim was murdered in his own home during a robbery at age 83.

  6. Mike from Jersey Says:

    I am sure “Karen” with the beehive hair is Bridget Hanley, who played Candy on Here Come the Brides, and who I understand has enjoyed a long theatre career on the Left Coast. She and Melody Patterson were the hottest babes on tv back in the day, at least among my grammar school crowd, since we had moved on from Betty Rubble.

  7. Gary from the panhandle Says:

    The beehive girls does look familiar, but I’m at a loss.Have you ever inquired into who played Mr. Schwamp on the Andy Griffith Show?

  8. John Hyland Says:

    I’m pretty sure the beehive girl is not Julie Sommars or Bridget Hanley. Pamela Mc Myler is the best guess.

    • Stephen Bowie Says:

      I see the resemblance to both Sommars and Hanley, and Lynda Day George for good measure. But I do think it’s McMyler. Who, incidentally, seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Whatever happened to her?

  9. Elise Richey Says:

    The barfly makes me think of Rayford Barnes who appeared in many TV and movie westerns.

  10. Ron Graham Says:

    Definitely Jimmy Jeter. He was a staple at Houston’s Alley Theatre in the 1950’s under theatre founder Nina Vance before moving to Hollywood in the 60’s. You can also find him in some Floyd Mutrux films.

  11. John Patrick Seekamp Says:

    The barfly looks like Rayford Barnes! He played a wealthy drunkard in PALADIN: Season 2, episode 14, ‘Something To Live For’.

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