Fate Moves Its Huge Finger

September 11, 2013


And now Barry Morse is flipping me off, too!

Next week marks the fiftieth (!) anniversary of The Fugitive, one of the four or five TV shows that got me into this racket.  Here’s my new piece about it for The A.V. Club.  Let’s hope you like it more than Lt. Gerard seems to.

13 Responses to “Fate Moves Its Huge Finger”

  1. John D in NYC Says:

    I love The Fugitive and I can’t wait to read your piece, Stephen.
    But Barry Morse is raising his index finger, not his middle finger.

  2. Stephen Bowie Says:

    Ha! There is an extra knuckle there that I didn’t notice. Oh, well, the intent seems to be there….

    • John D in NYC Says:


    • Mike Doran Says:

      And to complete the context, the screen cap is from Part One of “The Judgment”, the famous final episode.
      The back of the head belongs to Bill Raisch, Mr. One-arm himself.
      Which gives Barry Morse a five-finger advantage anyway.
      So there. ;-)

  3. Larry Granberry Says:

    Excellent article, Stephen. Looking forward to more TV Club 10 pieces from you – how about “Naked City?”

  4. John D in NYC Says:

    Another vote for Naked City!

  5. Larry Granberry Says:

    One selling point for an upcoming “Naked City” feature on TV Club 10 could be the complete series release on DVD that Image Entertainment is doing in November.

    • Stephen Bowie Says:

      Hey, I’m not the one you have to sell on it! Naked City was on a (long) list of shows I pitched and, yes, the upcoming DVD set was mentioned. Speaking of which, I really hope they were able to access the same set of pristine elements that the earlier DVD set was sourced from … but I have a bad feeling we should be bracing ourselves for grotty 16mm transfers of the “new” episodes.

      • Larry Granberry Says:

        Man, I hope so. I’m a little fearful as well, seeing as how they botched up the release of “Combat” a few years ago.

  6. Todd J Says:

    Great read. The Fugitive is my all time favorite series. You did an excellent job of pointing out its strengths and weaknesses.
    I know a lot of Fugitive fans hate “A Clean And Quiet Town” but I’ve always found it a fascinating episode for the very reasons you listed.

  7. Brian Says:

    A fine article on a show and an actor that meant a lot to me.


  8. James Smith Says:

    Thanks for the article on AV Club – it is a great read and, with luck, might get one or two new people to watch and appreciate the timeless beauty (yes, that’s the word i intended) that is The Fugitive.

    Now, if only they would release the full boxset over here in the UK. As big a fan as I am I can’t afford £140 ($220) for the last 3 seasons (they released Season 1 in the UK and that was it).

    Only one thing that seems missing from your article – the old Act I to IV and Epilogue splits :D

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