Does Not Compute

May 27, 2014


Recently the Classic TV History Archives were transported at considerable expense and effort to their new home in a different borough of New York City.  The Archives were instructed to unpack themselves but as yet have not complied.  As a result, there hasn’t been anything new here to read in a while, a condition that will persist for the near future.

In the meantime, you can read my take on Mannix for The A.V. Club.  It’s a show that would qualify as one of my favorite guilty pleasures, if I didn’t consider the term bogus.  (If something is pleasurable, the guilt is misplaced.)  I also had a larger hand than usual in yesterday’s “Inventory” feature on supercomputers in ’60s pop culture, which is pegged to events in the current season of Mad Men . . . but probably wouldn’t have happened if Joe Mannix’s losing battle with the Intertect machine hadn’t been on my mind.

2 Responses to “Does Not Compute”

  1. Brian Says:

    I never knew Darren McGavin was considered for Mannix.

    He would have been fine as the first season rebel Joe Mannix, who like Number 6 was not a number but a free man. But McGavin might not have been as interesting as the new humanistic Mannix of season 2. And McGavin had already played a private eye.

    McGavin must have been a hot property in the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s.

    I loved him in a pilot move called “Gallery” where he played a tough army non-com in the stockade, who is asked to do a dirty mission for the President.

    I didn’t like him as much in the big budget “Berlin Affair” as a wise guy government agent, even though the writer/producer was the talented E. Jack Neumann (Mr. Novak, Sam Benedict, “The Blue Knight” with Holden).

    Imdb says McGavin signed for a 60’s pilot for “From Here to Eternity”, where he would have played Lancaster’s role of Sergeant Warden.

    I loved Mike Connors on “Tightrope”, but I wonder if he was the absolute best choice for Mannix. I wonder if someone else could have given a quirkier performance and added a little more depth.

    Stuart Whitman. Clint Walker. Peter Falk. Rip Torn. Jim Brown. Don Gordon.

    Too bad Lee Marvin was already a movie star.

    Maybe Connors was indeed the best man for the job.

  2. thomas tucker Says:

    I wonder where the figures and images on the TV test pattern came from and were meant to represent.

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