Name: Robert Clendenin.

Career-Defining Line, From Cougar Town (Above): “I’d give you a shoulder to cry on, if I had one.”

Trademarks: Apart from the shoulders (or lack thereof), a bald pate and adenoidal voice that has led to typecasting in the slow-witted or deviant veins.  Cougar Town also makes fun of his chin (or lack thereof).

Known As: A pervy morgue attendant on The Closer, a pervy doctor and a pervy neighbor on Bill Lawrence’s Scrubs and Cougar Town, respectively, and (per his official bio) various characters named “Slow Roger, Mr. Giggles, Plumber Dave, Louis the Stalker, Doofus, and most recently Bob the Demon.”  Plus bit parts in L.A. Confidential, Dude, Where’s My Car? and the most recent Star Trek movie.

His Niche: Not yet a candidate for the meaty parts that typically define a “character actor,” Clendenin is one of the instantly recognizable small-part actors who brighten the corners of our movies and TV shows.  He’s the twenty-first century Norman Leavitt.

On the Web: Clendenin has a website, a Facebook page, and a Tumblr (whatever the hell that is).  Wouldn’t it be cool if all the Norman Leavitts of the last hundred years could’ve had all those?

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