An Interview With Anthony Heald

March 5, 2015

Yesterday The A.V. Club published my interview with Anthony Heald as part of its Random Roles series.  In addition to being one of the best character actors working today, Heald is an articulate and analytical person – in other words, an ideal interview subject.  I had a great time sharing a long lunch with him last month, and I think the interview turned out pretty well.

(Also, check out these great photos from Heald’s Broadway career, which I helped to get digitized as part of my other job.)

For the last few months this blog has been more idle than at any earlier time in its seven-year history.  Sorry about that!  But there is a backlog of half-written material, so we’ll get back on the TV beat soon.

One Response to “An Interview With Anthony Heald”

  1. Larry Granberry Says:

    Stephen, with its forthcoming release on DVD, I hope you do a piece here or in the AV Club on THE BOLD ONES: THE SENATOR. I’m looking forward to finally seeing the show, especially the episode A CONTINUAL ROAR OF MUSKETRY, based on your citing it in your Top 100 TV Episodes.

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